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In December 2014 the Galician-Portuguese translation of my first monograph was published as Galiza, um povo sentimental? Género, política e cultura no imaginário nacional galego. The book was translated by Fernando Vasquez Corredoira in collaboration with Giada M. Barcellona, and is part of the essay collectiogalizaumpovosentimental-cubertan of the radical press Através Editora, a Galicia-based publishing house specialising in scholarly and literary publications in the Portuguese written standard (usually referred to in Galicia as the international written standard for Galician).

portada companion

My most recent publication in English is the edited collection A Companion to Galician Culture (Tamesis, 2014). The volume includes 10 chapters of aspects of Galician culture and history and aims to be of use to researchers and students in Galician Studies. The book includes first English-language introductions to Galician cinema, the Galician built landscape, the city of Santiago de Compostela and Galician politics. My own chapter introduces the life and work of Rosalía de Castro, with particular attention to the political uses of her legacy in contemporary Galicia.

My first monograph, Galicia, a Sentimental Nation: Gender, Culture and Politics draws a cultural and political history of the trope of Galician sentimentality as a gendered, colonial stereotype emerging from the unequal power relations between Galicia and Spain. By tracing its persistence and ambivalent political uses, the book shows how the trope of Galician sentimentality forms the very tissue of Galician intellectual history since the late nineteenth century until the present. The image on the book cover is taken from the promotioSentimental Book Covernal poster of the 1926 film Carmiña, flor de Galicia, which divulged many of the stereotypical representations of Galicia and Galicians from a Spanish perspective.

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