Postcolonial Spain

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I am currently working towards a new understanding of contemporary Spain as an example of postcolonial conflict: that is, as a country where unequal power relations among its internal cultures (Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque) have given rise to discursive and material forms of conflict, today reaching a historical peak that may lead to separation.

My project has three different strands of analysis:espanya-contra-catalunya-des-de-1714

1) In the first instance, I am studying the Spanish postcolonial conflict as a historiographical battle, often waged in the field of historical practice (the controversy surrounding the conference ‘Espanya contra Catalunya: Una mirada històrica, 1714-2014′ is a recent example).

2) Secondly, I am studying how the Spanish postcolonial hombre vascoconflict underlies the various national political cultures in Spain (Basque, Catalan, Galician, Spanish) and its associated national imaginaries. Following from my work on the Galician-Spanish conflict, here I focus on the dialectical interplay of (colonial) stereotypes and counter-stereotypes (often related to notions of masculinity) informing different nationally-defined political cultures in Spain.

portada o golpe3) Finally, my project tries to reframe the question of Spanish democratic consensus since 1978 as a programme that favoured the soft treatment of Spanish internal differences in a variety of (often humorous) media, literary and journalistic practices, at the cost of relegating cultural products that engage with the Spanish postcolonial question to ostracism and resourcelessness.

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