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Photograph: Andrés Fraga

Ola! My research focuses on the many faces of internal postcolonial conflict in contemporary Spain, specialising particularly on questions of historical practice, political cultures and gendered rhetorics. Following from my first monograph, Galicia, a Sentimental Nation: Gender, Culture and Politics (University of Wales Press, 2013), where I studied the widespread image of Galician sentimentality as a postcolonial/gendered stereotype, I have been working on similar occurrences in Catalan, Basque and Spanish political cultures and their interactions. This strand of my research underpins my project “Postcolonial Spain: History, Political Cultures and Material Realities”, which is funded by the British Academy during 2015/16.  Above all, I enjoy communicating my work to all kinds of audiences, while I trace its relevance for present-day Spanish politics, when internal national conflict is – again – going through a historical peak.

This is my personal site, where you will find up-to-date information about past and forthcoming publications, impact activities or visit my blog, Postcolonial Spain, where I post project updates and reflections from my research into the various cultural aspects of national conflict in Spain. Oh, and lastly, I blog in Galician and English. Enjoy, and stay in touch!

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